Aug 11, 2016

Life Lately

Hello and happy Thursday!

Check out the snake the hubs found in the pool on Tuesday evening.  :)  He spotted it in the pool while he was on the phone with a friend.  It's not as big as it appears in the photo.  It was only about 7 to 8 inches long and small.  Thank God I had not gotten in the pool or I would have flipped out!  I was busy removing wall paper.  Yes, I know I asked for it.  What was I thinking?!!!


I finally got around to trimming the ferns in the hanging baskets on the patio.  I've been neglecting the outside while I remove the wallpaper.  I love the way it looks so much healthier when I am done.

Here's a couple of before shots of the second one.

Yes, the other one looked just like it.   I didn't take an after shot but it looks similar to the other one.  Looks like a bad hair do!!!


The kiddos came over for a swim and also for Ashlyn to interview me for Girl Scouts.  I may post the questions and answers for you to read at a later date.

Mr. W is now jumping into the deep end of the pool.  He thinks he is a big boy now.


He does a twist with his body when he is in the air.  Crazy kid.

Sweet P is always so precise with her dives/jumps.  You can tell she is in gymnastics.  Her coaches would be so proud to see her keep her form.

Ms. A tries to make the biggest splashes than anyone else.  She does a good job of getting most everyone wet.

The biggest thing we have to watch him for (besides drowning of course) is keeping him back from jumping on top of his sisters.  He is so excited to jump he has no concept that he can hurt them or himself.

I'd love to visit more with you but this project is waiting for me.  :(  I am determined to finish it today no matter what.

I have some guys here working in the master bathroom and it will take them about six hours to do their job (will share later) so I am literally tied and tethered to being here.  I can't run or hide today.  :)

I don't have much left to remove.  Some of it comes off really easy, some of it comes off in shreds.  I can't complain because it is way easier than the master bathroom wall paper was to remove.

I am saving this area for last.  If it doesn't come off we'll have the contractor float it.  The problem is it is wall paper applied directly to the sheetrock.  You NEVER want to do that.  EVER!!!  Makes it hard to remove.  Always paint your walls to protect them, then apply the wallpaper.  Life will be so much easier down the road.

I am a huge fan of wall paper.  I love wall paper and will continue to use it in our home in the main bath and the kitchen/breakfast room.


Hope you have a great day!!!




  1. Kids and pools are like peanut butter and jelly- they go together! I swore off wallpaper after I had to remove it here a few times. I did have to have one wall fixed up because the paper removal damaged it. I do love how it looks too- but I don't have the energy to remove it anymore. Your ferns are huge. The trim job does make a big difference! Snakes in the pool- not cool! I had a couple show up when I was out gardening. I used to be petrified of them but now that I know the ones around us are not poisonous I just leave them be. It always frightens me and I prefer to give them plenty of room!

    1. Hello Liz, thank you for stopping by! I hope I can be calm like you the next time I see a snake in the yard. :) I have to ask, are you afraid of lizards? I am! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. that snake would scare the crap out of me, but you have a very lovely backyard! Best of luck on that remaining wallpaper!

    1. You and me both! I am so glad I wasn't in the pool with it. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. I finished removing the rest of the wall paper today. It is so nice to be done. Have a good weekend!