Oct 26, 2016

An Early Christmas Gift for Mr. W

A couple of weeks ago (I am so behind in posting photos!) Brooke and Brad gave Mr. W his Christmas gift.  Their thoughts were if they gave it to him early he could enjoy it now out on their land and they were right.  He loves it!

Here he is learning how to drive it with a little help from Uncle Brad, his best bud.

Sweet P gladly came to his rescue and took over the driving for him.

She is so happy to be in charge and he seems to think he is on a roller coaster!

All was going well until they got stuck.  One of the wheels wasn't touching the ground so the wheel was just spinning.  He's looking for someone to help.

Sweet P is all happy they are moving again but he seems to be concerned with her ability to drive.  :)

It wasn't too long before Ms. A decided she was going to go for a ride, too.  She has gotten so tall she hardly fits.

The evening sky is always so pretty on their land.

No need to worry about Mr. W receiving his gift early.  He will have plenty more to open.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Take care,



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