Oct 19, 2016

Let There Be Light


I am so excited to share my latest project with you.  It is easy peasy and will only take a few minutes.  You will love the results.  I promise!


All you need is a pack (or more depending on how many you want) of the 3-light LED Battery Operated Puck Light Kit from Home Depot.

The kit comes with screws and/or double adhesive tabs for easy mounting.  I chose to adhere them with the tabs and the hubs is going to go behind me and screw them in.


The lights come with batteries.  :)

I placed two light pucks in each section so I used six in all.  I measured where I wanted them to go and stuck them in place.  Yep.  That's it.  All done.

I am so excited!!!  My main objective in adding the lights was to provide task lighting while working at the desk.  There was a shadow from the cabinets and it made it a challenge to see while coloring or sewing.

I love the way it looks.


So if you have always wanted under mount lights in your kitchen or anywhere else for that matter go out and get some of these lights and have them installed in minutes.  No need for an electrician.  You've got this!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Take care,



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