Apr 24, 2017

Decorating the Hubs' New Office

The hubs and I decorated his new office this past weekend.  (The company he works for moved them to a new office.)  Here are pics of his old office we decorated two years ago this July.

His new office is wide but not near as long as the old one and has a column in it.  The view above is looking in from the doorway.

As you can see, it is the typical boring walls you find in most offices.

We didn't purchase anything new.  Everything is from his original office except for the piece hanging on the column.  This is one of the pieces Brooke was getting rid of from her new house.  Always remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure.  :) 


I think it looks really nice.  When the hubs works out of this office, he places his computer bag and his briefcase on the filing cabinet.  We raised the decor to accommodate his items so they are not in the way.

Everything looks really good in his new digs.

I told him the clock needed to hang in front of his desk so he knows when it is time to go home.  :)

I love this clock.  I tried so hard to find a place for it at home but it is really big.

In spite of the warm temps, we did enjoy decorating his office.  He decided the set up of the room would not work with the curtains.  No worries.  I'll use the fabric to make new pillows for the patio.

Once we stepped back and really looked at his office...we decided the one thing missing is something LSU in his office.  We are now perusing through his many items to see which one will look the best.

I hope you have a wonderful evening!!!

Take care,



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