May 12, 2017

Life By the Pool Just Got Better

The hubs and I really me have been talking about taking a vacation this year.  We were throwing different things around without making a final decision.

Then we met a landscaper we really liked.  A lot.  So we hired him to refresh our landscaping in the front yard and revive our landscaping in the back yard.  :)  You saw the before pics here.  We desperately needed an intervention!

He started working his magic last Friday.  The hubs knew from his ad he could build pergolas.  The hubs also knew a pergola was on my "wish list".  :)  (Do you have a wish list?)  So...the hubs proposed we scrap the vacation and get a pergola.  His thought process was the trip would only last a week (memories longer) and the pergola would last for years.  

It didn't take me long to say yes and we were off to the races.

My oh my!  Who knew there was so much to think about when making decisions on a pergola.  Where do you want it?  How tall do you want it?  How far apart do you want the slats?  Did we want it curved in the back to mimic the pavers or did we want a rectangular shape?  What cuts do you want on the end?  Do you want it stained or natural with three layers of clear coat (we chose natural).  On and on and on,

We love our new pergola.  Best decision ever!!!  We have two gorgeous and rather large lights to hang on each of the front posts.  We will also hang the Edison light strings around it.  So excited!!!

We are very happy with the landscaping, too!

We added new sand to the pavers and filled in the cracks from where they had to cut the pavers.  We also added new rock to the pathway.

We still have to power wash the decking and have it repainted.  I am going to hang sheers to soften the poles on the patio.  The two pots under the patio go under the pergola.  They are too heavy for me to move so I am waiting for the hubs.  I scrubbed the right side of the back wall of the pool.  Now I need to scrub the middle and the left side.  :)

I'll take pics of the front yard to share with you.  It looks really good!

The grandkids are staying with us beginning this evening through Sunday evening.  I imagine most of our time will be in the pool.  :)  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!  Happy Mother's Day!!!

Take care,



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