Jun 13, 2017

Have A Magical Day

I am a huge Disney fan.  Have been for many years.  We made our first trip to Disney World in December of 1996.  21 1/2 years ago to be exact.  Our trip was a dream come true for me.  The hubs had received an inheritance from his uncle so I pleaded and begged for him to put some money away for us to go.  :)  I put together a spreadsheet breaking out the costs (in great detail) of what I anticipated our trip to cost.  At that time it was $3,500 for our family of four.  This included our flights, tickets to Universal Studios and all three Disney parks with an estimate of our food costs.  We stayed on property at Dixie Landings (it was near Port Orleans).  I presented my proposal to the hubs and he gave his consent.  He had never been and wasn't quite sure what all the hype was about.  :)  Might I add I was right on the money!!!  Since then I have helped many friends and family plan trips to Disney World.


My SIL Debbie and my nephew Hunter went with us.  We had a great time.  There are so many funny stories I will share with you one day...but it's not today.  :)

True Disney fans NEVER want to leave Disney at the end of their trip.  I am always reluctant to leave the parks for the final time (until the next time / and I am usually trying to plan our return trip on our way back to the airport).  From the very first trip, I always told the hubs I would work for Disney one day.  We'd retire, move to Orlando and work for the parks.  :)  He'd look at me, smile and go along with my dream.  After all it's the most magical place on earth!


Guess who's working for Disney?!!!  I am!!!  Need I say I am over the moon!!!  I am going to be working from home 20-25 hours a week in the evenings.  More around the holidays.  :)  I had my interview on Saturday morning of Memorial weekend.  I received the call first thing Tuesday morning saying I had the job.  :)  Someone please peel me off of the ceiling.  :)

Everyone I have spoken with at Disney has been amazing.  From HR to IT.  I can't wipe this grin off of my face. 


Could it be any more perfect that my office is decorated in Disney?  And I can do this job from anywhere in the world!!!

I had to move things around a bit now that I have three computers in my office.  Yes, I have already set up my Disney equipment.  I have a real Disney email address.  Oh yeah!  I can't quit smiling I am so excited!!!

I have two weeks of training that starts this Monday.  I work for the Disney Store division.  I will be providing customer service for those of you who shop the store website.  Lord hold me back!!! 


I know what it's like to have a magical day with Disney so it will be so easy for me to make sure my customers receive the same treatment.

The perks aren't bad either.  :)  We get 50% off of Disney hotels, free tickets, discount meals, discount on merchandise and a discount on flights.  Yes, the hub realizes he will be going to Disney World more often.  :)

Check out this Toy Story water globe I bought Ms. A when she was little.  They didn't want to put it in storage so I gladly found a spot for it.

I'm also keeping their art pieces we brought back to them from our anniversary trip in 2013.

The girls are big Star Wars fans.

They were painted by our favorite artist Gregg McCullough.


So my friend...always remember dreams do come true!!!

Hope you have a magical day,



"Laughter is timeless
Imagination has no age and
Dreams are forever."
-- Walt Disney


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    1. Yes. I wish I had a pic of all us or one of you and Hunter. Love you!