Sep 25, 2017

Friday Night Date Night

Happy Monday!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Ours started out with an impromptu date by the pool.  Even the hubs didn't know about it.  :)


I've been taking every opportunity to spend time in the pool before it gets too cool to swim.  So on Friday night I brought out all of the lanterns, candles and music for an evening of fun.  Even if it turned out to be for a party of one.  :)

The hubs has been busier than ever since Hurricane Harvey made his way thru the state of Texas so I can't expect him to go along with all of my plans.  

I love being out in the pool at night.  The stars are so pretty and bright and there is no need for sunscreen.  Believe it or not the tan I have is from working out in the yard, not laying by the pool.  I'm not a fan of baking in the sun.

This was the first time I used the candle holders we made out of the left over cedar from the pergola.  I really needed 4 inch wide candles so these look a little funny. 

The hubs came out after dinner and joined me for a swim.  At one point, he pointed out a possum that was crossing the top of our back fence.  I was so glad the possum kept right on going and didn't make a pitstop in our yard.  :)

We sat on both sides of the pool taking note of things we want to do (i.e. install the yard lights, hang the extra garden lights near the tanning deck, and hang the Edison lights around the pergola).

The best part was we had everything we needed right there at home.  Cold beer in the fridge, candles and lanterns, speakers for music, and warm water to swim.  It doesn't get any better than that.

I'd love to hear ideas from you of what you like to do for a date night?  Dinner and a movie?  A walk in the park?  A drive in the country?  Dancing?  Or a movie night at home?

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday and an even better week.  I've got to get dinner on the grill...we are having grilled chicken and green beans.

Take care,



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