Nov 24, 2017

Holiday Style - Our Family Room

Hello and welcome to our family room holiday style!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with lots of goodies to eat.  We had a great time with a couple of snafus I'll cover in a future post.  :)  It may or may not have involved a little fire.  :)

I'm warning you there are LOTS of photos ahead.  You may want to turn back before you get lost in the photos.  :)  I've poured you a glass of wine to help you get through it.

We are standing in the foyer looking into the family room.

It has been a Christmas tradition of ours (for years) to watch Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation.  So when the hubs saw this village he had to have it.  I have to admit it is really cute.


I decided to add this piece even though it isn't part of the collection.  It used to be displayed near the back door.

Here we are looking back towards the foyer.

I decided to change things up this year and leave the angels out of the tree.  I added this sign because I didn't know where I was going to put it.  For real.  I like the way it turned out.

Since I wasn't going to use the angels in the tree I had to figure out something to do with them.  So I grouped the angels together and placed them on the mantle.

I've had the red sleigh for years.  However, you've never seen it in our home as it was at Tiffani and Justin's.  I gathered my little elves together and wrapped some "fake" Christmas gifts for Santa's sleigh.


Rudolph looks a little tired.





Do you have time for a game of tic tac toe?

As I was decorating, I placed these two angels on the floor, out of the way.  I decided I liked them there so the angels were left out of the tree.

Here is our Christmas village that overlooks into the family room.

I didn't use all of the styrofoam pieces to raise and lower the buildings and I like it so much better.



I hope you enjoyed your tour of our family room.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!!



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