Dec 6, 2017

Holiday Style - Game Room / Hub's Office

Come on in out of the cold and wet weather.  It's a chilly 44 degrees (feels like 38) but you won't hear any complaints from me.  I LOVE the cold weather.

I have a cup of hot chocolate and some messy but good blueberry muffins waiting for you.

There are no truer words than "We interrupt this marriage for LSU Football (please stand by)".  All of our family functions are scheduled around LSU's football schedule.  No kidding!  Now if it's something that can't be worked out, he will record the game and watch it later.


So it is only fitting the hubs' has an LSU/Mardi Gras tree in his office/game room.

Over the years we have had a lot of fun decorating this tree.

This year I added the red crawfish.  We've had them for years and I thought they were only fitting for the theme of the tree even though the hubs does not eat them.


It is such a treat to have out the LSU Santa collectibles.

How true this is....

The hubs has acquired quite a collection of golf ornaments so rather than put up another tree I hang them from his golf shelf.

A nice reminder to be good.  :)

Brooke bought this for her dad for this Christmas.  He LOVES it!  And yes...he has a helmet for every team LSU plays (and he changes it out every week).  :)

Thank you for stopping by.  The muffins were really good in spite of your sticky fingers.  :)
I hope you are making progress on your gift list.

Take care,



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