Jan 27, 2016

White Coffee Filter Wreath

Hello and Happy Wednesday!!!

I am SO happy to report I am finished with my white coffee filter wreath.  Woo Hoo!  Was it worth the time and effort?  Absolutely.  If you would have asked me while I was making it I might have told you the jury was out because I thought I would never finish.

Here is a pic of all of the filters fluffed out all around the wreath.  That would be over 200 filters please!!!

In this photo I have a colander inserted in the middle to raise the wreath up off of the counter.  Here you can see a few gaps where the filters did not stay together.  

I used Zots (from my secret stash of scrapbooking stuff) to help bind the filters together so there weren't any gaps.  The next thing I did was I grabbed a pair of scissors and trimmed any pieces that were standing out.  This helped give it a more rounded look.

I am very happy with the results and it only cost $10.00 to make this beautiful wreath.


However, there are a few things I will do differently on the next one.  :)

I will fold and staple at least 200 filters before gluing them to the wreath form.  It goes so much faster if this is done before hand.

I will glue the inside row first and I will not place the filters in the center of the inner ring.  I will place them on the inside edge of the wreath towards the top ring of filters.  (Hope this makes sense to you.)

I will make sure I have Zots on hand to fill the spots where needed.

The next wreath I make will be with the tea stained coffee filters.  Similar to this one by Martha Stewart.  It is so beautiful!  I copied her in attaching my ribbon.  :)

I think these wreaths would be beautiful used in a wedding setting, be it at the church or the reception hall.  You get so much "wow" for so little money.  I can envision smaller wreaths placed on the end of the pews, hanging on the doors to the church, the doors to the restrooms, in the center of a table with a hurricane glass and a large candle, etc., etc.  You could embellish them with so many things to add a little sparkle or a little bling.


Here's an up close shot of my new lamp.  I am so happy to finally have the lamp that belongs here.  I believe this is the fourth lamp I purchased trying to find the right one.  Can you believe I got this one for $34.00 at Hobby Lobby on the Clearance aisle?  I love it!!!  It has the mercury glass look I wanted and the slim shade.


I've been tweaking the mantle and here is the latest look.  I think it is still missing something.  Maybe I'll finish playing with it by Spring.  :)

Have I inspired you to make a coffee filter wreath?  If not for you maybe as a gift for someone?

Hope you have a wonderful day,




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    1. Hello Jen! Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you are having a wonderful evening!

  2. The finished wreath looks amazing!!!

    1. Thank you Robyn! I really appreciate you stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful evening!