Nov 15, 2017

Holiday Style - Cozy Guest Bedroom

Good morning and happy Wednesday!!!
Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow?  And Christmas is only 39 days away?  Oh my!

I am so excited to share our "holiday style" home with you.  Today we are in the guest bedroom.

One of the items on my "dream list" is to someday own a home in the mountains.  A place we can go to for some "real" winter weather!  :)  You can be sure I'd have lots of red buffalo plaid throughout the place.  In the meantime, we have the "lodge" look going on in here.

Last year I had what I call my "Pottery Barn" moment when I came up with the idea of stringing monogramed stockings across the headboard.  I love the look so much I did it again this year.


The plush throw is the only new piece in here.  I picked it up at Hobby Lobby for $10.  Everything else we've had displayed in other areas of our home.  This year I really pushed myself to do things differently.

The potpourri is the Smell of Christmas.  It smells amazing!  It's on sale right now at Macy's.


I love these little elves.  Aren't they just the cutest thing you've ever seen?  A friend of mine made and sold these many years ago.

I love placing a wreath on the door of each room.  You can do it very inexpensively.  The total cost of the wreath was $13.

wreath $4
ornaments $3 each
ribbon (already had)

It's even more fun if you do it in a theme for a child.  When my nephews were little, I made a wreath of road construction toys for Kam and football items for Hunter.  Makes it so much more personable. And so inexpensive.  The toys are right there waiting for you to put them in a wreath.

We have two sets of "new" neighbors near us and they stopped by on Sunday evening to see our Christmas decor.  It is so cool to see others react to our decor.  They are blown away by the smallest of details.  One of them came back and brought their MIL over last night.  The kids came back for a second time around.  I jokingly asked Brad (teenager) if he was telling everyone the crazy Christmas lady lives here?  His response was "no, I'm telling everyone how beautiful it is".  My intention all along has been for family and friends to enjoy my love for Christmas.  I am so excited to say they get it.  Down to the scent of Christmas.  Their youngest son Noah loves the smell.

Erica said on Monday (at work) all she could think about was our home.  She was so inspired she went home and started fluffing out her new tree.  I can't wait to see what she does with it!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a bit of my craziness for Christmas.  Do you decorate for the holidays?  And if so, when do you start?  Do you enjoy it or do you decorate because you feel you have to?

Take care,



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  1. This is one festive room and I love the plaid. Happy Thanksgiving!