Sep 23, 2014

Decorator's Warehouse

This past Friday we went on a road trip to McKinney, TX (hubs best friend daughters' wedding).  We stopped off took a detour to Arlington, TX to go by Decorator's Warehouse.  (I did a post on them here.)   Holy moly!!!  It was like heaven for this girl!  Immediately I went into sensory overload.  I kid you not.  I started getting a headache because I was trying so hard to stay grounded and think of the decorations I already have and what I could use (to tell you the truth I probably could have used one of everything!)  Just kidding!

WARNING!  WARNING!  Photo overload!!!
Decorations in entry way

These photos do not do these decorations justice.

Cheetah Tree

Isn't she adorable?

 I love the whimsical trees.

Yes those are Creme Brulee candles
Purple Peacock Tree

I decorated Ms. P's room in this design last year.

Decorations on way out

I imagine he is thinking "where are we going to put this!"
 If I remember correctly, we were there for about two hours.  I was very mindful of the time because we had dinner reservations with everyone for 7:30 p.m. and we weren't sure how much traffic we would incur getting there.  The hubs was a really good sport.  He never complained about the traffic (that was the reason he gave for not wanting to go there!).  We arrived at Chuy's at 7:15 p.m.  Just in time for dinner!

We had a great time!  Now I can't wait to decorate our home with our new purchases!!!

Hope you were able to get some really good decorating ideas for your Christmas trees....

Take care,



  1. Hi Debbie, first of all thanks for your visit and sweet comments! In used to work at a place JUST like this, I am a floral designer. In fact I have a life sized Santa like the ones you showed, he is sitting and has a book in his hands "The Night Before Christmas". We used to have an Amish sleigh on our front porch and santa sat in it along with lit presents!!! We had to sell our sleigh when we moved here, no place for it (or to store it). Looks like a fabulous place to visit, there is a similiar one in Fl. too!!!!

    1. I can't imagine working somewhere like that....I'd probably never go home! I bet your Santa is awesome. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ooooh, Debbie! I would be in so much trouble if we had one of these here! : ) They have some amazing things and I saw several things I would have wanted to buy. I think the only thing that would have held me up is the fact we are in a condo now. So many of those large pieces would have worked out well in our old house.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I would be in a lot of trouble if there was one closer to home. In fact, I was asking my husband if he thought I could find my way back on a weekend he is going to the LSU game. He quickly said no! He knows where there is a will there is a way!