Mar 30, 2015

A Bit of Randomness

Girls selling cookies last weekend
  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather.  We were blessed with lots of sunshine and blue skies.  Just what we needed after all of that rain.

The hubs was out of town for his yearly golf outing with his closest friends so I had the house all to myself.   Not that I did anything exciting.  :)  I cleaned out closets, drawers, and purged.  Oh how I love to purge!  Such an awesome feeling.

Babysitting Mr. W
The sweetest moment for me this weekend was after church when Mr. W came out of the daycare area.  He saw me, yelled "maw maw" and ran to me as fast as his little legs could run.  He jumped so I could pick him up and he started jibber jabbering....looking straight into my eyes to make sure he had my full attention.  He had so much to tell me and was so animated.  I couldn't help but think of Grandy (hub's grandmother).  She would sit and listen to the hubs talk on and on and appear to be genuinely interested.  One day I asked her how she was so patient to hear him ramble on (he is known to speak in circles)....her reply was I'll listen to anything he has to say.  I now know what she meant.  I could listen to Mr. W and the girls forever.

Hope you have a very blessed day.

Take care,


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