Apr 27, 2016

What I'm Loving Lately

As I write this post the song that comes to mind is "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town.

I am crushing on these LED Candle sets with daily timers.  Like really hard.  I have been admiring them for over a year now and would not pay the price at Pottery Barn, Frontgate, etc.  Just couldn't do it.  Wouldn't do it.

If you know me you know that I LOVE candles.  I've shared this with you here, here, here and here for just a few!

I bought my first set of LED candles a couple of months ago at Palais Royal.  It was a set of five candles in various sizes for $50.  I bought them for $13.00.  SCORE!!!  Be sure and look for a coupon before you purchase them.

I know the hubs thought I would never shut up about it.  The grandkids love them.  They like anticipating when they are going to come on and when they will go out.  They all come on within minutes of each other and stay on for four hours.  They think it's magic.  :)  So do I!  Ha ha!

These little jewels allow me to place them high up in areas I can't burn a real candle.

I placed one in the large glass globe on the coffee table in the family room.  The three candlesticks you see in the background are LED candles.  I scored those bad boys today at Palais Royal.  They come in a set of two for $20 and I paid $8.99.  And yes, I bought two of them.  :)  I just need to put the batteries in them.

I love candles, low lighting, and Christmas lights.  I love the ambiance it creates.  So warm, cozy and relaxing.  Makes my heart sing.  For real.

Before long you will find them throughout our home.

On another day I will to do a post on all the times I have created messes with real candles.  It is a wonder the hubs allows me to have them in the house.  Seriously.  And I am a careful candle burner.

I'd love to hear if there is anything you are "crushing on" lately.  Or am I the only one crazy 'round here?

Take care,


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  1. I need to get me some of these candles for my house.